Real Results and Stories



The BioBack is clinically proven to reduce the strain on key muscle groups in the lower back, including the vitally important Multifidus muscles. By relaxing these muscle groups and alleviating back pain, the BioBack allows your patients to participate in a more active lifestyle.



The Multifidus muscle group spans several vertebral segments and works to stabilize the lower back. This stability is imperative for proper biomechanics to occur. The BioBack’s unique design creates a counter-force pressure to reduce the load on discs and other pain sensitive structures. This can aid muscle function by increasing endurance. Focusing on building endurance and static holding capacity of the Multifidi during activity is vital for managing lower back pain.

BIOBACK Clinical Studies



Independent clinical studies have utilized needle EMG activity to evaluate the BioBack’s clinical efficacies. A study demonstrated that the use of a BioBack orthosis in the standing anatomically neutral position, tensioned to sixteen pounds, reduced the activity of the longissimus at L4 by an average of 52% and the multifidus at L4 by an average of 37% when compared to not wearing the orthosis. Overall, this would indicate that the employment of the BioBack orthosis reduces the L4 muscular activity approximately 46%. No particular relationship was made at this time between the age or the BMI of the subjects tested and the percentage of decrease in muscle activity in either muscle. Thus, it was concluded in this limited study that the percentage of muscular activity reduction is a unique function of the individual.



A limited clinical study to measure the BioBack’s impact on the range of motion (ROM) to the point of increased pain was performed by an independent physician located in Banglore, India.  This physician was retained by a prospective BioBack distributor for a segment of the India healthcare market, and he objectively measured the change in the ROM to the point of increased pain, as well as documenting the patient’s (subjective) reported change in pain levels before and after application of the BioBack.  The following average results have been reported for the six patients that participated in this limited study:

  • ROM:  100% of patients saw improved ROM – Average improvement of 38.1%

  • PAIN:  89% of patients experienced pain relief.  Average reduction in pain of 46.8%



A pain management clinic conducted a subjective survey of twenty-nine chronic and severe back pain patients who used the BIOBACK for various lengths of time and were asked to respond to a series of questions regarding their personal experience. The following results were reported:

The following results are reflected when including all                                                                                                                   BioBack user evaluations:

  • 92% would recommend the BioBack
  • 90% reported pain relief
  • 89% reported pain prevention






“The BioBack is very comfortable, it is easy to use and fits nicely.  Works much better than others I have used.”  Richard M (Pennsylvania)

“I enjoy my BioBack because it is light, flexible and can be worn under my clothing.  It is also very comfortable.”  Clyde W. (Maryland)

“This back brace is the best I ever wore.  Comfortable and relieves pain.  I would highly recommend!”  Ronald W. (Indiana)

“I’m now able to walk a couple of miles while wearing the BioBack.”  Nancy K  (New Mexico)