About Us

Today, everyone finally acknowledges what Hippocrates tried to tell us more than two thousand years ago...That motion is medicine!  The BioBack perfectly fills that prescription as a solution for low back pain and to date more than 100,000 people have benefited from the BioBack.  

Here at Pro Supports Plus, each of our founders have direct experience with the potentially debillitating impact of back pain. We've made it our mission to provide simple, clinically proven and effective products that help restore mobility and function to provide drug-free pain relief.  The BioBack is a truly effective solution for any condition that is associated with or exacerbated by muscle tension and/or related pressure on the dics, nerves, joints or other pain sensitive structures in the lower back.

We are so confident in BioBack's Efficacy that we offer a 30-day-money-back-guarantee.  So you have nothing to lose but your back pain.

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Pro Supports Plus, LLC
PO Box 3725
Dublin OH, 43016

BioBack Hotline:  (888) 978-7999 
Fax:  (888) 560-1743
Email:  Info@prosupportsplus.com