Ways to prevent low back pain from golf

What's the worst round of golf? For me it was the one where I had to stop playing because of lower back pain. Here are some simple steps to prevent back pain from cutting your round short:

  1. Warm up first. Especially early in the morning hours. Going directly from car to cart and on to first tee is a sure way to a sore back and a higher score. Performing simple stretches along with some light easy swings is a great way to get your muscles and joints ready for the round.
  2. Practice swinging before playing. A few minutes on the driving range will do more than improve your game. It eases your body’s transition into an activity that generates torque and extension. Smooth, balanced and rhythmic practice swings that work up to full speed help stretch and loosen the muscles and joints and increase blood flow.
  3. Walking and properly carrying your bag. Walking while you play is great way to get exercise and relieve stress. However, regularly bending over and lifting a bag can stress the back and lead to overuse and strains. You can integrate a light golf bag stand that opens when the bag is set down to minimize bending and strain. Also, a bag that has dual straps helps to evenly distribute the weight across you back and shoulders, whereas a single strap bag tends to put all the weight to one side creating abnormal movement patterns that can aggravate your back and shoulders.
  4. If you worried about a round of golf aggravating your back wearing a BioBack can help prevent pain and protect your back.

Here’s to a healthier back and lower scores!!!!!!