Just do it? Or Just Do It, But Do It Well.

As I connected with a new friend, Amy, on LinkedIn I was impressed with how succinctly she expressed a belief that is at the core of everything we do here at Pro Supports Plus and with our BioBack Pain Relief Brace

Amy’s Quote: “Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” helped them increase their profit by 18 percent in just ten years. Despite the massive profit gain, I still don’t think they got their slogan right. Why “Just Do It” when you can do it right?”

Amy Shoaf (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amy-shoaf-4225a940).

We’ve been helping back pain sufferers find relief and support for over 10 years. When we first started providing BioBack, we were fortunate to start with a simple, yet innovative, design that resulted in an amazingly effective support. At the time, the BioBack was one of less than 15 braces assigned to the original Medicare billing code.

Over the years, we’ve seen 100’s of other products come into the market, many of which followed the “Just Do It” philosophy, by providing another generic “back brace”.

During that time, following our core belief of “Just Do it, But Do It Well”, we continued to improve BioBack’s efficacy and comfort, while also working to incorporate its unique efficacy into our expanded product line of Nu Life braces. As a result, thousands of physicians have prescribed BioBack for their patients. Now, reclassified as an “Off the Shelf” brace, we’re able to offer the BioBack without a prescription. BioBack, a medical-grade solution now available at an affordable retail price.

When it comes to pain relief and an improved quality of life, we hope you’ll agree with our philosophy “Just Do It, But Do It Well”. Thank you again Amy for providing the inspiration for this post!