BioBack and Ten

My name is Rick. I am a co-founder of Pro Supports Plus and have been part of the team that brought the BioBack to market. While I’ve shared bits and pieces of my “BioBack Story”, I’ve never shared my personal story online. That’s likely due in part to the fact that we’ve always had such great feedback from customer’s to share, while also due to the thought that the testimonial of an owner might be met with skepticism. That said, my personal experience is too good not to share. 

As I progressed through my mid-to-late thirties my back would inexplicably “go out” two to three times per year. All it took was bending the wrong way or turning too sharply or too suddenly and wham, I’d be in pain and out of commission for 2 to 4 days. 

I have been using the BioBack for ten years now and my back has not “gone out” since. I would say on average I wear the BioBack one to two days (maybe 4-6 hours) a week. I wear it when my back muscles start feeling tight, or if I wake up stiff or sore in the morning. When I’m smart, I wear it preventatively while I’m doing an activity that I know might trigger back pain. I’ve worn my BioBack playing tennis, working out on the elliptical or treadmill and especially when working in the yard or shoveling snow. I can honestly say there have been times when I forgot I even had it on.

In my experience, here’s how (I believe) the BioBack has helped me. When wearing the BioBack comfortably tight, it‘s not only reduced muscle tension to relieve and prevent low back pain, but the combination of the BioBack’s lumbar dome and its counter-force pressure also immediately realigns my spine. I believe that my regular use of the BioBack has kept my spine in a more proper alignment, which has prevented my spine from getting far enough out of alignment that it causes my back to “go out”. So for me, the BioBack has been an amazing and preventive tool that helps me continue to live a more active life.

But don’t take my word for it. If back pain is keeping you from doing any activity that you want, need or love to do, do yourself a favor and give BioBack a try.