Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit the BIOBACK?

The BIOBACK should be worn comfortably tight. Generally the tighter you adjust it, the more benefit and support it will provide. Try adjusting each panel up and down to find the most comfort and best support. The BIOBACK should not be so tight that it digs into your skin, causes pain or affects your breathing in any way. The BIOBACK can be worn during your daily activities or while sleeping. It won’t restrict your movement. You can wear your BIOBACK underneath or outside of your clothing.

The BIOBACK did not provide me with immediate relief, am I doing something wrong?

For most people, relief is almost immediate. But, for others, it may take several attempts to achieve favorable results. Make sure the BIOBACK is comfortably tight. You should feel the sensation that it improved your posture. Also, each person is unique and the panels should be adjusted up or down until you find the position that provides the best results for both comfort and pain relief.

What is the difference between the two panels?

The front panel is smaller and smooth, while the back panel includes the circular Lumbar Dome and has the name BIOBACK on the comfort sleeve. The BIOBACK should always be worn with the Lumbar Dome fit into the small of your back.

The BIOBACK is too large. What should I do to tighten the straps?

Loosen each strap that is threaded through the back panel and pull it to shorten the strap. Adjust each strap equally and re-attach.

For smaller waist sizes, it may be necessary to cut the straps. It is very important that if you need to cut the straps, cut each strap equally and do not cut off too much strap.

To cut the straps:

  1. Open the strap where it is connected to the back panel and remove the Velcro holding piece.
  2. With a pair of scissors cut each strap to the desired length. Make sure not to cut the Velcro holding piece, do not cut off too much and cut each strap equally.
  3. Place the Velcro holding piece back on to the end of each strap and fold the strap over to re-attach.
  4. Now fit and wear your BIOBACK. The panels can be adjusted up or down or left to right to find your most comfortable fit.Readjust the panels as necessary to ensure your comfort and support.

These steps may need to be repeated to obtain your proper fit. Remember, the tighter the fit, the more support you should receive from your BIOBACK.

The BIOBACK (after numerous uses) has not relieved my back pain. What should I do?

Persistent and extended instances of lower back pain may be an indication of a more serious medical problem. If you have not already consulted a Health Care Professional regarding your back pain, we suggest that you do so. We believe in the BIOBACK and know it has provided relief to tens of thousands of people. But unfortunately, no product is right for every single person.